Southern Cross Club 
Providing a Diving Experience like No Other!

Southern Cross Club’s dedicated dive operation provides an ideal opportunity to explore the best Little Cayman has to offer. The dive program is designed to comfortably serve both experienced divers with thousands of dives under his or her wetsuit, as well as the novice who wants to learn the names of the hundreds of fish we see every day on our dives.

Guided dives at the Southern Cross Club visit all the extraordinary underwater sights of Little Cayman, including the famous Bloody Bay Marine Park and Preston Bay Marine Park, as well as periodically visiting the wreck of the M.V. Keith Tibbets in Cayman Brac. Explore the reef on your own, or join one of our professionally guided dives on a search for critters.

Our flexible and professional dive operation offers 2-tank morning, afternoon, dusk and night dives, as well as all the requisite PADI certifications, refresher courses, specialties, and Discover Scuba Diving.

There are three rules of diving that we strictly enforce: No Solo Diving, Back on board with no less than 500 PSI, and No Decompression Diving.

Please Note:If you have not dived in more than 24 months, a refresher or equivalent will be required as well as an open water dive with an instructor.
Southern Cross Club requires dive computers on all dives. If you do not have your own we have rental computers available.

(This includes, PADI Re-Activate, Scuba Tune-Up and ALL Full Certification Courses)

As a guideline:

  • Anyone who hasn’t been diving within 2 to 3 years must do the first dive with a Southern Cross Club  Private Dive Guide.
  • Anyone who hasn’t been diving for 3 years or more must first do a PADI Scuba Tune-Up or a PADI Re-Activate. 
  • Anyone who hasn’t been diving for more than 10 years should consider recertification as recommended by PADI.
Click HERE to view and download all dive related forms.