Dive Training

Southern Cross Club does not hire kids looking for a Caribbean adventure in our dive program. We hire seasoned, professional Dive Instructors who are knowledgeable, safe, and competent. Our dive guides/instructors can provide a confidence building refresher course, and a eye popping Discover Scuba Diving Experience, or they can make you a PADI Dive Instructor. And anything else in between. Open water scuba training, advanced courses, and specialty courses are all offered through our Scuba program. SCC does not have a dive shop per say. The Club is our dive shop, and you will see all of our dive staff out and about daily. So do not be afraid to ask – Can I learn ……

Getting Certified
There are three parts to getting a PADI Open Water Scuba Certification – the class room, the pool, and the open water dives. The class room is self explanatory. It is where you will watch videos and listen to lectures about what scuba diving is, physically and mentally. The pool work is where you get in a swimming pool or other shallow water environment, with your instructor and practice basic underwater skills. The open water dives is where you go on a real dive with your instructor. Actually you go on four (4) real dives with your instructor. Then you are CERTIFIED to go diving with your buddy.

Open Water Referral
The Southern Cross Club also accommodates PADI Open Water Referrals.

What many of our guests do is complete their class room and pool work at their home town scuba center. Then, instead of finishing their open water dives in a cold rock quarry, or a low visibility pond somewhere, you can bring a letter from your instructor down to us saying you successfully passed the classroom and pool portions of your certification, and you do your 4 open water dives with us. What is best is your Certification Card will say you were certified with the Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman – A MECCA for divers around the world. Pretty Cool, yeah!


To avoid disappointment or delays to the start of your course the online portion must be completed before arrival. Once you have completed the online portion of your course please print out your e-record and bring it with you.

You can start your course today! to do so register for e-learning at:


Resort name: Southern Cross Club

Resort number: 13085.


Since there is no permanent doctor on island medical issues form the biggest obstacles to starting a course. To ensure that you will be able to take your course make sure that if you do answer yes to any of the questions on the PADI Medical Statement that you print out the PADI Medical Statement and have it signed by physician before you come.

Please be aware that for any courses, including Open Water Diver, Advanced, Re-activate and Scuba tune up a PADI Medical Statement needs to be completed.

The Medical Statement is available HERE: 

Inactive divers

If you have not been diving for a while the following will be required

Last dive


> 2 – 3 yrs.

Private guide

3 – 5 yrs.

PADI divers: PADI Re-Activate

Non PADI divers: PADI Scuba Tune up

> 5 yrs.

Re-certification is recommended