What gear should I bring?

Fly-fishing – A 6, 7, 8, or 9-weight outfit is recommended, with the 9’ to 10’ 8 weight being the most versatile. We use a weight forward floating line with at least 150 yards of backing. 9’ – 14’ 6 lb. – 14 lb. tippets are required for these wily fish. gear_1Most flys are tied on #4 and #6 hooks, but a range from #2 – #10 might be used. Most standard salt-water fly patterns can be used effectively on Little Cayman. Shallow water grass flys should be natural colors- tan, root beer, or olive. The turtle grass flats necessitate a slow sinking and /or weed less hook. Deeper water fishing and sand flats use Clousers and Charlies in white, yellow or pink, with lead eyes. Permit flys are classic crab patterns and puffs in neutral tans or pinks on a #4 or #6 hook.

Our guides have a full range of rental rods, tackle, and flys for fly-fishing. Spin casting – Light spinning equipment spooled with 6lb. or 8 lb. test is ideal for fishing our flats. A heavier line (10 – 20 lb. test) might be used for larger jacks and snappers.

The Club has bait for sale, as well as hooks, jigs, rods etc. for sale or rent. Small spinners and jigs are effective with yellow, pink, and white providing the most strikes. Squid jigs, tube lures, and spoons work well for most of the “toothy” predator fish. “Barracuda Bustin’” can be a hoot for the entire family. Steel leaders are a must.