Lost Boys Kitesurfing
Where KiteSurfing (Kite Boarding) is one of our Passions!!!

If you’re looking for non-crowded, safe and shallow warm water with a sunny climate and steady flow of wind then this is the place for you!

The Southern Cross Club/Lost Boys KiteSurfing shop carries 100% of your KiteSurfing and equipment needs. We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Independent lessons. If your adrenalin is running we even offer advanced jump and trick KiteSurfing lessons. KiteSurfing is suitable for all ages. In the past we have trained people aged 10 to 82 years old.

Southern Cross Club is located on Little Cayman in the south sound and has the most beautiful beach to launch your kite from. Step out of your room on to the beautiful white sandy beach and inflate your kite before riding on the turquois flat water. If the cross shore trade winds change then you can take a ride to our KiteSurfing launching pontoon to and enjoy riding with the safety of a the support boat for those off shore days.

The Beginner’s Course takes you through all the basics, from staying safe and basic kite control through to water-starts and understanding the weather. After four days, you’ll be able to kite surf at a basic level – and it’s very likely that you’ll be dangerously addicted.

Then you can feed the hunger with our Supervised Sessions – that will soon have you blazing through the waves and pulling in some serious air and hang time.

Our Trick Academy and Pontoon/Boat Days allow you to develop and enjoy the skills you’ve developed in our structured courses. These sessions can be repeated as many times as you like once you’ve completed one or both of our core courses.



Little Cayman Kite Surfing from Christopher Gough on Vimeo.