Pontoon Boat Day’s
What you’llLearn

Our Pontoon & Boat Sessions deliver hours of plain kite surfing bliss.

We have just renovated our Kite Surfing pontoon and equipped it with a wooden picnic table and shade cloth that is perfect for friends or a significant other who would like to come along for the boat ride to watch and cheer you on. The pontoon is equipped with compressed air for easy inflation of your kite. It is great for setting up gear and makes it easy to launch in any wind conditions. Once you’re out there, the entire ocean is your playground – but you’re still under the watchful eye of your tutor and enjoy the confidence of full boat support.

On the Day – Enjoy the Open Sea!

Free riding out at sea is usually only for very experienced kite surfers. But with the boat as your ‘safety net’, you can taste the exhilaration of the open sea much earlier in your training.

Building on your Beginners’ Course, Boat Days let you put your new skills into practice get used to the feeling and enjoyment of the open ocean. It’s a taste of total freedom – the way kite surfing was meant to be!

For the more experienced rider this is a great opportunity to try our famous Supervised Sessions. Starting upwind in the boat, it’s downwind cruising all the way to the beach. It’s a feeling that never gets old, and each ride is unique.

A Boat Day will dramatically improve your riding skills, but it’s also about the sheer fun of kite surfing. So you can repeat it as many times as you like – you’ll get loads out of it each and every time you go out.