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    Southern Cross Club

    fish & dive resort

    Founded in 1958 Southern Cross Club is Little Cayman’s original resort. With only 14 colorful beach bungalows dappled on 900 ft of sand and a one-to-one guest/staff ratio, guests find themselves in a serene environment that offers privacy and comfort, and personalized, diligent service. This, combined with stunning views, delicious cuisine and a first-class diving and fishing operation, makes what Southern Cross Club offers an experience like no other. The best of the Caribbean, barefoot luxury on Little Cayman.


    Over the years, many Caribbean islands have lost what truly makes them “The Caribbean” but on Little Cayman time stands still. Southern Cross Club offers the perfect blend of simplicity, tranquility, and modern comfort – the epitome of barefoot luxury. The small island of Little Cayman is laid back and idyllic, with unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters and world-class diving and fishing.


    The Cayman Islands, British West Indies, have been an independently governed British Crown Colony since 1962 and boast the highest standard of living in the Caribbean Basin. Little Cayman, the smallest of the three islands, entices visitors with its accessible seclusion, undeveloped beauty and the healthy diversity of its’ marine environment. There is an unspoiled tranquility found on our land, our beaches and in our sea.

    Barefoot Luxury

    at the casually sophisticated Southern Cross Club fish & dive resort

    dive bloody bay wall with southern cross club


    Top-rated scuba diving facility offering world class Caribbean diving.
    Southern Cross Club - Barefoot Luxury on little Cayman


    A full service facility offering Caribbean flats & offshore fishing.
    Southern Cross Club - Barefoot Luxury on little Cayman


    Barefoot luxury on a remote island offering incredible experiences.
    Southern Cross Club - Barefoot Luxury on little Cayman


    Relax and enjoy our collection of International delicacies.


    World’s Best Diving: Little Cayman’s Southern Cross Club Resort