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    For many years, before the Southern Cross Club pioneered diving on the island, Little Cayman was known primarily as a fishing destination. Fishing enthusiasts come from around the globe to stalk our Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon. However, “flats fishing” is not just about the Big Three; there are a large variety of fish that will take a fly, a jig or a piece of squid. Hard fighting Jacks, Snapper, Grunts, Ocean Trigger fish, and even Barracuda can be fished, while stalking our shores or chartering our flats skiff for a day on the water. Our ecosystem is small but VERY dynamic; we do not take more than 2 dedicated fishing packages at any one time and we are committed to maintaining a healthy fishery. Most of our guests are content mixing some fishing in with their diving, or vice versa, to make for a complete island adventure.

    For the novice angler who wants to fly fish; you will need to spend the initial part of your fly-fishing trip practicing your casting with our guide (usually the first 30 mins approximately). This will help you get the most from your fly-fishing experience. If you feel you would benefit from a full casting lesson, in addition to your trips, then please contact the reservation office.

    Due to the minimal development on our shores, the flats fishing inside our reefs is diverse and exciting. Southern Cross Club has the only full-service fishing facility on Little Cayman. Our professional guides, with years of local knowledge, will make sure you have incredible opportunities to hook a number of dream species. Some of these fish can be caught as close as the shore right in front of the resort, where tailing Bonefish, Permit and Jacks regularly break the calm waters. Southern Cross Club has a full complement of rental equipment for fly-fishing and spin casting. Even though Little Cayman is only 10 square miles in size, our ecosystem is dynamic. The diversity includes offshore fishing along the sheer ocean drop-offs for species such as Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin.

    When you go deep sea fishing, you spend the trip fishing, not just running out and back to the fishing grounds; but be quick, there are sharks out there wanting to bite your prize catch off the line! Be sure to check it out on your next visit.

    ** All Fats & Tarpon Pond fishing species are catch and release only and the Resort follows only sustainable fishing practices.

    Try for a Flats Slam!

    Experienced fisherman around the world, pursue a prized list of species that certain fishing locations offer. These lists of fish varieties will vary from destination to destination and represent the most difficult of fishing challenges. For any angler to complete the targeted list in a single day is know as a “SLAM”. On Little Cayman a “Flats Slam” consists of a Bone Fish, Permit and Tarpon in a single day. Although a rarity, many fisherman have come to Southern Cross Club to target a flats slam and have succeeded in achieving this illusive prize, while many others get two out of three. Talk to your guides about the challenge of fishing this “Holy Grail”.

    Landlocked Tarpon

    The Tarpon Pond is a very unique and truly exciting fishing experience.This inland lake is surrounded by mangroves and is bursting with landlocked 5-15 pound Tarpon. Live bait fishing for these creatures is strictly prohibited and it is mandatory that you go with a guide. Sunrise and sunset often find these fish actively feeding; getting a hook set is no easy feat, with the Tarpon often jumping many feet out of the water in the battle. Landing one of these beautiful creatures is even more challenging . This is a unique and exciting experience for everyone’s log of fishing tales.

    All flats and Tarpon Pond fishing species are catch and release only.

    Offshore Fishing

    Go for the “Big Pull” by chartering a deep sea fishing trip. Our guides can take you offshore to hunt the blue water. We have year-round catches of Blackfin, Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, deep water Snapper and seasonal (spring and fall) thrills with Marlin and Mahi Mahi. One of the tremendous benefits of visiting an island that is the pinnacle of an underwater mountain right next to the Cayman Trench (the third deepest trench in the world) is thrilling catches take place as close as a quarter mile from shore.

    Your guide - Chris

    Raised on Oak Ridge Cay Roatan, Honduras and having come from a heritage of boat captains, Chris Gough grew up fishing, snorkeling, and exploring the flats and offshore waters. Fishing became a passion from an early age. As a resident of Little Cayman for over ten years, Chris has a vast knowledge of flat fisheries; targeting species such as Bonefish and Permit. As a licensed Boat Captain, he can readily navigate the offshore waters of Little Cayman and having recently competed in the Offshore World Championship in Costa Rica, has further expertise to target Wahoo, Mahi, and Yellowfin Tuna. Through his conservation work with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation he has become very enthusiastic about following sustainable fishing practices, having extensive experience in catching and releasing Billfish. In his leisure time (when he’s not fishing!) Chris likes to tie flies and build customized fishing rods, and has recently completed his own set of offshore rods.

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