Dive Sites

The Cayman Islands have a dive site for every day of the year – Dive365! – and Little Cayman’s dive sites are the gems in the crown of the Cayman Islands. Bloody Bay Marine Park was established in 1986,  and has allowed the Cayman Islands marine parks dive tourism stand head and shoulders above many others in the Caribbean. Achieved through a bold move on the part of the government and Department of Environment using foresight to protect the delicate and diverse biodiversity found in the Cayman waters for generations to come. The management of the parks includes the use of permanent mooring balls and anchoring is prohibited to prevent damage to the sensitive environment below. Research is ongoing across many areas to constantly evaluate the health and effectiveness of the parks. Collaboration between the Department of  Environment and many leading universities and conservation groups will help preserve this treasure for the future.

There are a huge variety of dive options for our dive guests in virtually all weather conditions. Some moorings are a mere 10 minute boat ride from Southern Cross’s dive dock, and others might be a half hour ride or more, but you will never get tired of the pristine beauty of Little Cayman’s world famous wall dives and reefs. It is a Holy Grail for scuba divers from around the world, and you will be spoiled by the clear water, healthy reefs, and huge variety of fish and sea critters found here. If you are new to diving, we will spoil you forever. If you are a seasoned veteran, be prepared to be amazed, and put another “x” in your bucket list.