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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the currency used in the Cayman Islands?

    The Cayman Islands has the Cayman Island Dollar, permanently fixed to the US dollar at CI$ 0.82 to US$ 1.00.   Both US dollars and CI dollars are accepted everywhere, but a surcharge of + or – 2% ($0.80 – $0.84) is used everywhere when converting one way or the other.

    Are credit or debit cards accepted on Little Cayman?

    Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted at the resort and on island. AmEx is accepted at the resort but not generally accepted on island.


    Are gratuities included in my SCC package?

    A token gratuity is included in your pre-paid accommodation packages. Gratuity is also automatically added to any drinks purchased from the SCC bar (which are not included in your pre-paid package).  However, if you have enjoyed the service and noticed the hard work of SCC’s staff, additional gratuity is very much appreciated.  You can leave this gratuity at check out to “general staff” or an individual staff member who you feel went above and beyond.

    Are gratuities already included when I fish or dive?

    The activity guides do not participate in the resort food and drink gratuity and there are no gratuities included in your prepaid activity packages or added to your activities at check-out.  If you have enjoyed the dedication and hard work of our dive and fish guides, then an in hand (or your can leave it on your bill at check out) gratuity is very much appreciated.  We might recommend one way to determine an appropriate tip for the activity staff is to look at the activities bottom line (how much in total did you spend) and take 15% as a good starting point. You can go up or down from there depending on how much you appreciated their dedication to providing you a superior experience.

    Can I add gratuities to my final bill?

    All gratuities are greatly appreciated by the staff and can be added to your final bill for you to settle at check-out. Payment can be made with cash, credit or debit card. Envelopes can also be provided for cash gratuities.


    What is included in the accommodation rates?

    Rates include beachfront bungalow accommodations, three freshly prepared meals a day as well as the use of resort amenities (bikes, kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkel gear) all taxes and ground transportation on Little Cayman. Your booking fee does NOT include any alcoholic beverages or drinks from the bar, gift shop purchases, a la carte activities and/or optional gratuities. These items will be kept on a tab and paid in full prior to departure. Activity packages can be purchased ahead of time, to complement your accommodation package.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We ask for a 25% deposit within 10 days of making the reservation that holds the room for you. The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. For cancellations outside of 30 days, we will return your deposit minus a $250.00 per person cancellation fee. Once we are within 30 days of arrival, packages are non-refundable.

    Are children permitted to stay at SCC?

    Due to the intimate and secluded nature of the club, we have a “no children under the age of 10” policy. The vast majority of our guests are adult couples looking for a quiet getaway.

    When is your high season?

    High season rates go from December 20 – April 30. Low season is May 1 – December 19.


    Do you have a spa?

    We don’t have one on-site but, when available, we’re happy to help arrange for an in-room massage or there is a facility on the island that we can provide transport to.

    Do you have laundry services available?

    We do have a laundry facility for our house keeping staff and guests are welcome to do a load or two, please inquire with the front office to arrange for laundry cleaning.

    Is SCC available for destination weddings or other special events?

    SCC is happy to assist you with special small celebrations, such as birthdays or anniversaries, while you are our guest. Just let us know how we can help. For weddings and larger events please call 1-800-899-2582 toll free or email to discuss.


    Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

    Travel can be an adventure these days. It is strongly recommended you buy trip insurance for your Little Cayman and Southern Cross Club visit, as well as any international trip you take.


    How do I get to Little Cayman?

    Cayman Airways operates the flights from Grand Cayman to the sister islands (Little and Brac). Once you arrive on Little Cayman, an air-conditioned SCC van will meet you at the airport and transport you to the resort.

    Can I travel by boat from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman?

    No, for all inter-island travel between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, please contact Cayman Airways.


    Do you have Wi-Fi?

    Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi is available in the main club house and on the upper deck. There is no Wi-Fi, phone or television in the bungalows.

    Will my standard US charger work for my electronics on Little Cayman?

    On the Cayman Islands the power plug sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and the frequency is 60 Hz.


    Does Little Cayman have medical assistance available in case of an emergency?

    Little Cayman does have our own well-supplied medical clinic. In the event of an emergency, the nearest hospital is located on our Sister Island, Cayman Brac.

    Is Little Cayman a safe island?

    One of the many special things about Little Cayman is that it is very safe with little to no crime. Most residents of Little Cayman do not lock their house or cars and it is safe to move around the resort property and the island freely – day or night.

    Is there someone available at the front desk in the middle of the night?

    The last member of Staff to leave the property at night is our bartender when the bar closes at night (Anytime between 10.30pm – midnight). There is an emergency phone in the clubhouse with emergency contact information that is available for guest use 24 hours a day. Emergency contact information is also provided in all rooms.


    Can SCC accommodate dietary restrictions?

    Yes, our kitchen is happy to accommodate special dietary restrictions, just let us know when making your reservation.

    Are there other dining options on Little Cayman?

    While no other restaurants compare to our own at SCC, you might want to check out one of the three other resorts on island or one of the three dedicated bars serving up liquid cheer and good times.

    Is there any type of shopping available on Little Cayman?

    There is a gift shop at SCC, which sells T-shirts and other resort memorabilia. The National Trust gift shop is stocked with locally sourced gifts from the islands and the Seahorse Boutique is also worth a visit. Little Cayman would not however be described as a shopping destination.


    What should I wear?

    As the island offers a relaxed environment, we recommend casual resort attire.

    Can I really go barefoot the entire time I’m there?


    Can I attend meal service in my bathing suit?

    We would prefer it if guests put a wrap or cover item on over bathing suits for meal service.

    Does Little Cayman allow topless sunbathing?

    No, topless sunbathing is illegal in the Cayman Islands

    Is smoking permitted on the SCC property?

    We do not allow smoking in the rooms, in vehicles or on the boat. Smoking is permitted in outdoor areas – we ask our smoking guests to be considerate of non-smoking guests and ask them to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly.


    Is there sargassum on Little Cayman?

    As of Spring, the sargassum problem that is affecting the entire Caribbean basin is only a minor issue.   The Sargassum issue is reportedly going to be bad in 2023.  Eastern Florida and up the Atlantic seaboard has already experienced higher than average levels of the floating algae.   Little Cayman has seen a few influxes of the algae, but nothing horribly bad.   Still, it is an issue worth paying attention to.

    Can you swim in front of the resort?

    We are situated on the South Hole Sound which is a shallow body of water. Although you will not do much swimming or snorkeling right in front of the Club (sand flats and turtle grass), we have some great shallow water snorkeling over on Owen Island, which is about a 5 minute kayak paddle away. Owen Island also offers one of the finest swimming beaches on Little Cayman. For $20, snorkelers can join any of our dive boats headed over to the north shore marine park. This location offers snorkelers an opportunity to view the continental shelf drop off (Bloody Bay Wall) that has been a Holy Grail for scuba divers for over 30 years. You can also arrange for transportation to Point o’ Sand on Little Cayman’s East End, or just ride a bike over to Jackson Bay which is about 2 miles from the Club and offers great North Shore shallow reefs.