It is a pleasure for us at the Southern Cross Club to host special weddings. Every wedding here on Little Cayman Island is unique. We have put together wedding packages that eliminate the inconveniences of planning a destination wedding, while maintaining your own personal style. Personalized ceremonies could be: moonlit under the stars, a private deserted island setting, in a church or even underwater!

Wedding packages start at US$1,500 and offer the following:

1. Bridal Bouquet with island flowers;
2. Setup for the wedding ceremony on the Southern Cross Club beach with island flowers;
3. A drink each to toast after the wedding ceremony – sparkling wine or a cocktail if preferred;
4. Romantic dinner for the wedding couple on the beach with Tiki torches and shells;
5. 1 x bottle of French Champagne, ‘Tattinger Brut’ with dinner;
6. Room setup for when you return after your dinner. We use flowers and candles and make it very romantic;
7. If the pastor has to overnight on the island, and if we have a free room at SCC then we allow him to stay at the resort free of charge, and also cover the pastor’s meals.

If you are looking for a photographer there are a number of excellent choices. David and Melissa Wolfe are Little Cayman residents who also do a thriving business on Grand Cayman. Many of the photos in our romance page are theirs. You can see more by visiting, or Or you might consider Heather Holt Photography for a variety of package options Click here for details.

Ask about our discounted rate for booking all 14 bungalows! Accommodations at other hotels on the island for additional guests may be arranged. Private air charters are also available.