Beach Bungalows


Fourteen unique beach cottages dappled over 900′ of pink and white sand beach, each as charming and original as the guests who return to our wonderful little resort year after year. All of our cottages look out over beautiful South Hole Sound and the gin clear turquoise water shimmers with the sun, and the moon. The turtle grass off our beach is home to Bonefish, Snapper, Jacks, Barracuda, Mullet, Stingrays, Tarpon, and the occasional Great Blue Heron wading in to try to catch lunch. Sit on your porch and watch the world creep by in a timeless procession. 7 of our 14 cottages feature a private outdoor shower overlooking the sound.

The Honeymoon Suite sits privately on the eastern edge of Southern Cross Club’s property. Wake up in the morning and gaze over your toes to see the inspiration of the day – the bright, calm, clear waters of South Hole Sound and the barrier reef beyond. The Honeymoon Suite features a private outdoor shower overlooking the colorful lagoon, and even a private outdoor commode overlooking the sound and Owen Island, just a few hundred feet offshore. No matter your personality, if this does not melt you and your partner’s soul, nothing will.

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